In cities and urban area, every vehicle user shares unproductive time with traffic jams while going from source to destination and vice-versa. A survey by Ford Motor Company, Indians spend more than 100 minutes (on average) every day behind the wheels. Also in Delhi, 3,21,432 litres of petrol and 1,01,312 litres of diesel is burnt each day due to the idling of vehicles.

The chief cause being the addition of vehicles on roads beyond capacity. With the progressive middle class and intention for showing the richness, the figures may inflate manifold in the forthcoming period. Although infrastructure is being developed by Govt. , but  Increment of vehicles needs brake in order to discourage traffic jam else race between a traffic jam and road construction may continue in an endless manner.   REDUCING FATS OF THE FATMAN ( TRAFFIC  JAM ) IS BETTER THAN LOOSENING ITS TROUSER AS A TEMPORARY RELIEF


  • Strucking of an ambulance or other patient carrying vehicle in traffic jam worsen the situation in lack of medical attention or delay.
  • Noise and air pollution intensify.
  • Wastage of fuel and valuable time are the bad results of a terrible traffic jam.
  • Delay and distress are obvious in the arms of the traffic jam.
  • As a side and serious effect,  cost of doing business increase.
  •  Roads construction and development for reducing traffic jam costs a lot to put extra burden on Govt

[ humor ]……Idling of vehicles in traffic jam increases our patience capacity.


  • A high number of new vehicles on road may be reduced if Govt. upgrades system for auto industry and they concentrate on more export and less domestic sales. Low attention to domestic market will affect the plenty stock offered within the country, thus fewer vehicles, less traffic jam.
  •  Separate and better route for an ambulance, fire brigade, emergency items carrying vehicles to be marked. In other case, footpaths to be converted as more spacious for movement of these in an emergency or during traffic jams only.
  • Traffic stoppage for some time for VIP creates an artificial traffic jam .avoiding it as much as possible is necessary.
  • Encouraging one-way system on busy routes with less space. Optimization of signal cycle timings, the creation of lanes in busy hours, educating road users for obeying traffic rules etc. are also the pivotal remedies.
  • Flyovers over the railway –gates may add a lot to the solution of the problem.
  • Odd-Even system ( as adopted in Delhi ) in a planned way may yield better results.
  • Sufficient parking area must be developed.Although vehicles increasing with the constant area of land.
  • Importance of cycling and use of cycle to be spread in full swing.
  • Traffic jam is a man-made problem but he himself is the sufferer. It may be handled by maximum use of public transport.

                Small moves will lead to big results.

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