No copies, only writing slates in pre-school classes.

Basics of education are same in old and new times, but the system to educate is different ever. After a rapid advancement looking back to minimise adverse effects of fast growing education system is a must now. In a very first step, a child read words and letters, then the practice of writing begins.Slates to be popularised in the first level of education.

The advantage of unbreakable writing slates over the paper ( copies ) is that they may be wiped clean and used again and again. Slates are comparatively cheap and affordable. WRITING SLATES REPRESENT INDIAN CULTURE.  For practice, writing slates are better than copies. The initial basics of literacy are taught in the beginning, it needs to long last in child’s mind. it is to be recorded in child’s mind and not in papers. After repeated usage of copy-papers, it has to be destroyed which adds to pollution extension if thrown improperly.

Lesser use of copies or books will certainly reduce the growing pressure on the paper industry which needs roughly 90000 crores investment by 2030.

Under the SAVE MY BACK concept, weight of school bags should be 15% of the body weight. The light weight of slates ( approx. 500 gm ) will be supporting. It can be achieved if slates and dusters are kept in respective classrooms and pupil bring only slate-pencil, drinking water, lunch box etc.

The popularisation of writing slates will give a boost to industries like slate, chalk, slate pencil, duster.

Improvement in writing slate designs be introduced by printing alphabets, inspiring photos of great freedom fighters, quotations etc on a small part. Displaying of numbers in the border area of slate will be an extra feature.

Distribution of slates set ( slate, slate-pencil, duster ) to poor school going children is a divine service.

Laptops / smart phones distribution by govt. to senior students may be better but the tiny tots must be taken care. slate sets distribution among them is equally desired.

As a big dream, the success of writing slates reintroduction will give shape to ancient Gurukul ideas, in which teaching students sitting on ground will reduce furniture cost up to the First standard.

Pre-school ( child care ) market in India is expected to grow by almost 22% by 2020. Reintroduction of writing slates in the system has a bright future.

Thanks to G.S.T. Council for imposing no G.S.T. on Slates, Chalk and Slate-pencils.

Usage of writing slates as a first hand will definitely improve our education system as a first step.

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