Mr Ramnath Kovind, being the 14th president of the republic of India ( I – Independent, N –nation, D –declared, I –in, A –august ), have taken the oath. Traditionally, he will also be commander-in-chief of Indian armed forces. Like a father, he will be all in all. Our president ought to not be a “ Rubber Stamp “ and rather be a “ People’s President” for the Indians. Mr Kovind, surely, will be an activist as former popular presidents like Mr N.Sanjeev Reddy, Mr K.R.Narayan, Mr P.Mukherji, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad and so on. In our democratic country the patronage, power, policies and initiatives are all in Prime Minister’s domain. But the president is the head of administration. President is to govern our nation in conformity with the Constitution of India. President’s ideas and solutions to home growing as well as inward terror, coalition politics are of utmost importance . in the challenging period, President must initiate the steps for financial reforms, political fairness, better foreign policy. As governor of Bihar,  he worked a lot for the development of higher education. Students, farmers, soldiers are the backbone of a nation. president  ‘s guidelines for their strong growth will add feathers to united efforts. Former President Mr Pranab Mukherji expressed in his speech “ we are one and remain united “.our honourable new president will add this precious idea to this high thinking .he is a symbol of India moving fast forward.

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