Bhutan, a country sandwiched between two giants India and China, when disturbed by later. Doklam area is a part of Bhutan and a tri-junction point of India, China and Bhutan.

There have been creeping encroachments since 1988 in the 220 km long Sino-India border by China. They destroyed an old bunker of Indian army at Doko-la on 6th June followed by a motorable road construction on 16th of the same month. It was opposed by Bhutanese as well as Indian soldiers. High tension still prevails in the area. In the next phase, China disallowed the movement of Indian pilgrims for Kailash Mansarovar yatra through the Nathula-la route.

Our stands

China presents its territorial claim on tri-junction on the basis of the Anglo-Chinese treaty of 1890 between Great Britain and China, which settled boundary in Sikkim region. I t is factually inaccurate. A solution to a problem created by history can not be found in history.

There was an agreement for peace and tranquillity in border regions in 1993 between China and India.

An understanding reached in 2012 between the both countries regarding boundary in Sikkim on the basis of alignment.

Construction at tri-junction will harm our national security interests.

Bhutan stands

      Road construction by China inside Bhutan territory is a  direct violation of the agreement of 1988 and 1998 which required China to maintain status quo as before March 1959.

As per article ( 2 ) of the friendship treaty signed between India and Bhutan in 2007, both governments shall co-operate closely with each other on issues relating to their National interests. Accordingly, India came to the picture.

Sooner the better, some softness to be clamped in the language of strong statements by Chinese Foreign and Defence ministry. The stand-off situation may be resolved by

Border personnel meetings in regular intervals

   Continuous dialogues at the diplomatic level

  Withdrawal of troops

 Trilateral dialogues among India, China and Bhutan

China and India have worked hard in past to ensure peace in the border area. The phenomenon to be continued. One of the Indian ambassadors to China rightly said good relations can only be maintained on the basis of mutual sensitivity.


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