India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic with seven national and many other political parties. The distasteful levels of politics being practised with worse future hopes. Efficient politicians ought to respect democracy. Paths may be different but the destination is only public welfare.

Poor Levels

   Value of respect has died and personal communication attacks are a part of the routine . Politicians are not ready to learn and understand problems of citizens and making their cake. Lack of teamwork in governance is a bad aspect. Entry of a number of uneducated, either semi or minimally educated, or having poor quality education results poor politics. Even some learned politicians misuse the intellectuality. Many selfish, unpatriotic, dishonest, undisciplined, irresponsible politicians follow “ GET RICH QUICK “ and work for self-gains.

Suggestions to do

  • Perform within the framework of the constitution .
  • The nation is above all. Do efforts to contribute to nation building.
  • Promise breaking or dreams selling to be discouraged and to fairly represent expectations of the public.
  • To use freedom of expression for society betterment only.Confrontations in politics should not cross boundaries.
  • Best politician is easily reachable to the public in time of needs.

Due to highly expensive elections, the honest and youths are unable to join politics. Doors to be opened for them by concrete reforms in the system.

 India shining is not far away with sound politics.  

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