The programme is designed to open investment doors to national and multinational companies to manufacture their product in India. The chief aim being increased jobs and enhanced skills for the powerful Indian economy. FDI has been opened up in defence, construction, manufacturing and railway infrastructure in a big way. The policy carries some fears and disadvantages.

For the faster implementation of the scheme , the urgent arrangement of infrastructure and clearances through the single window is introduced. It may overlook all related major aspects resulting in partly correct decisions.

Long-term foreign investments may put us under the hold of them and in long run, the fear of falling into slavery age will continue.

Erection of industries recklessly under the programme may create serious pollution problems.

Domestic investment will come down.

Foreign brands may overtake the national brands in long competition.

Small Indian investors will be under heavy loss.

As predicted, with this wave, much agriculture land will be converted into industrial land.

A foreign company should be invited to set up his manufacturing unit in our country with the strict instructions of using only Indian raw material, resources and manpower. India is a hotbed of talent and resources. Necessary amendments be made to bring Indian talent leaving in foreign back to India. Their contribution will make the programme make in India a true one. Foreign companies may be allowed with our Govt. stake of 51% for better grip and growth.

Additionally, the adoption of make in India in the agricultural sector is the demand of the time, as we have 60.3% of agriculture land.  make in India through Indian farmers will be a win-win.

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