Fight against unemployment and poverty have started yielding little results . Steps taken so far in this direction seems seriously slow and unplanned. Merely 7 million jobs per year are created against required 23 million jobs per annum.

Unemployment gives birth to unsecured society and increased poverty. Joblessness burdens the reforming system and a huge manpower becomes unproductive.It , being a blow to developing Indian economy, expresses we have resources but unable to use it. We have 17.7 Million, unemployed peoples. The seriousness of the dark spot was clear when 23 lac people in 2015 applied for 368 posts of peon in U.P. secretariate. Employment covers 49% farm, 24% manufacturing, and 27% service sectors.

Result oriented actions by Govt. includes MNREGA, MAKE IN INDIA, SKILL INDIA, START UP INDIA, SHGS ( SELF HELP GROUPS ) and many more programmes.


Frictional unemployment affects the people waiting for the first job. New jobs creation may be the solution.

Seasonal unemployment includes seasonal working people.Adoption of other jobs in off season may neutralise the bad aspect.

Structural unemployment occurs when the structure of economic changes. Addition of alternate job training centres may meet the odd situation.

Disguised unemployment is the result of excess employment over the needed one. Diversified or self-employing jobs may reduce the numbers to the label.

Educational level has been more increased than the skill development level. Govt programmes along with small duration skill development courses may open doors of additional jobs.

Employment exchanges to be converted into National Career Counselling Centres for providing job-related information as counsellors.

The employment rate in urban areas is 9.7% than in rural areas which is 9.01%.It implies unskilled employment rate is better than the skilled employment rate.Emphasis to boost skill based employment opportunities to the skilled section to be given.

Unemployment is throwing big challenges but with collective correctness efforts, the ball can be caught.


  1. Very well written and the article also provides solution to the problem that directly or in directly is root cause of increasing crime in our contry

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