A nation is a topmost priority for the citizens. We are proud of Indians to occupy prominent positions in senior leadership in foreign. Indians sent home 62.7 billion dollars in 2016. But the sudden shock is received by message “ Indians tops the list of people seeking foreign citizenship “. Migration is a part of the human race from origin to present. India is a developing country needing deadly the own people to become a developed country.Some poor data set away this thought. By 2015, 15.6 million (approx.) India born were leaving in other countries. The number of International Indian migrants have more than doubled in past 25 years. About 50% India’s migrants are in just 3 countries i.e. UAE, United States and Pakistan. In 2015, 1.3 lac people of Indian origin comprising largely of expatriates on work visas acquired foreign country citizenship.

Indian citizens spread the wings for going overseas in search of a better standard of life, education, jobs, high salaries, lucrative careers, higher education, economic improvement and so on. Millions leave the comfort of homes to work on the foreign land. It results in a shortage of skilled work-force and quality manpower. As a minus point, sometimes Indians in other countries face an identity crisis, hate crimes etc. Most of the countries are not free countries like India.  Many countries attract eagerly the Indian skills through small facilities in various forms.

  • Australia  –   knowledge is valued
  • UAE ­     –    zero tax on income
  • Canada      –    society is very polite
  • Netherland –  working week is 4 days
  • Germany  —  Sunday is illegal
  • Japan, Sweden, UK —preferential treatment to immigrant

Leaving the motherland is not a matter of pride. Migration to other countries may be discouraged by small but important measures.

Govt . should strive to provide better amenities and opportunities within the country.

Merits and skills to be honoured at best.

Creation of plenty of job option.The Industry, infrastructure along with service sectors to be developed for the job oriented democratic environment.

More investment in the education to make it cheaper and of the best quality. Additionally, an increment in research fund is necessary for intellectual stimulation.

Ensuring tougher immigration reforms aiming visa abusers.

Indians should work in foreign as a GUEST, not as baggers and come back. India needs them more.

Establishment of a business-friendly atmosphere so that one have to think twice or thrice about moving the business out of India. Govt. is to provide promising support to the sector.

At least a day to be celebrated as Our India Day giving strength to the sentiment I LOVE MY INDIA.

Only Indians can build better India.

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