Corruption is the misuse of resources for personal gain.

 The going is good. It looks like ALL IS WELL, but it is not like that. A recent survey by Transparency International stated India stand first in corruption index in Asia. The top five most corrupt countries are (1) India(69%) (2) Vietnam(65%) (3) Thailand(41%) (4) Myanmar(40%) (5) Pakistan(40%).Corruption is widely visible in schools, hospitals, id documents and utility services.


 This type of corruption, it is of human nature and mind, needing personal attack.As a general observation, a person deeply learns from his family activities. The mind gets polluted by the sight of the share of the family in corruption creation or follow-up. Here little tree of corruption starts growing. Hence the first fight against corruption should start from the family itself.

Among Fools, a brilliant man is a fool. Similarly, the chances of adopting corruption become strong seeing more corruptions in society. One has to understand the values of ethics and morality in life. The positive changes in mentality and character may deviate from corruption.

  • Attention forwards professional accountability to be developed.
  • The habit of keeping eyes closed to corruption behavior to be changed.
  • Sense of urgency to be encouraged by change in work style
  • Spiritually, the effective fear of ‘God Will Take Account Of All Corrupt Activities ‘ to be accepted personally. Personal greed for excess finance arrangement to be reduced.


            It is visible and spread out in society, needing collective attack.

  • Most corrupt countries often have the poorest citizens. Govt. actions and plans for poverty removal may help in removing corruption in large.
  • The Govt. administrative team to remain within reach of the general public with transparency. Red tappism to be kicked out and True Service Oriented Spirit to be promoted.
  • No subsidy by Govt. in welfare schemes. The subsidy is the ice-cream melting immediately. Instead of regular bank involving financial assistance to be provided of lollypop impression ( lasting longer ).
  • To speed –up the slow judicial process. Errying people to be named and shamed timely with speedy justice.


      Our Prime Minister, on 3rd September, reshuffled the cabinet by introducing nine new, young, dynamic, educated, clean-past holder faces keeping the vision of NEW INDIA in mind. A 4P Formula of merits applied [ Passion, Proficiency, Professional, Political ]. Also, changes in the party’s organization were indicated. A new trend initiated as POLITICAL REFORMS + ECONOMIC REFORMS = SOCIAL REFORMS .

We the common men are the solution.Everybody to attack collectively to uproot the corruption, which has crossed boundaries.

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