India, a country with 60.4% of agriculture land, is second biggest in the world. Indian farmers and agriculture system are under pressure of climate risk, poor infrastructure, improper marketing of output, resulting in decreased GDP from agriculture to 4493.13 INR Billion. In order to develop agriculture, both Govt. and farmers come forward with strong action plans.

Steps by Government

Farmers to be guided by the importance of rotation crops for increment in land fertility ( other crops on the same land in rotation ).

Establishment of SAZ ( special agriculture zones ) allowing only agricultural activities thereon.

The setting of weather information centres and common agricultural service stations surrounding 5-6 districts.

Like Turkey, farmers to be enrolled in Farmer Registry System and receive direct income support from Govt.

The introduction of Agriculture Banks for cheap and proper credit exclusively to farmers. Even all agricultural development projects to be channelled through it.

Only 40% of the cropped area have irrigation facilities. Large scale irrigation schemes are framed for proper and timely water management.

Consumption centres to be connected with production centres with no intermediaries.

Knowledge deficit is the root cause of low productivity. Farmers to be trained to acquire new skills and benefit of all schemes reach the last point.

Steps by farmers

   The majority of the Indian farmers own merely 2 acres of cultivation land. If they join together to transform the small holding to a large holding, they will enjoy the low input cost.

Farmers must change their mentality with changing times through awareness of modern techniques. They may establish a rental market for modern farm equipment on their own.

Animal husbandry adoption may become an additional source of farmers income.

Unorganised farmers do not get the fair prices from well-organised purchasers. Farmers should organise themselves with innovative ideas for best return of their labour.

Agriculture has a limitless opportunity for youths.The labour with the intelligence of youth will yield better productivity and their move towards towns will get a setback.

The agriculture sector is the soul of Indian economy. Under Mission 2022 Govt. is ambitious in doubling farmers income in five years. Fast and efficient implementation of all these will surely show a rosy picture.


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