Any chocolate is a sweet piece which attracts children immensely and immediately. Now- a- days it is used as a replacement of coins ( chiller ) in small shops to big malls. If the pace of such trend is not curbed, chocolates will capture coins. Items like newspapers, consumables etc are the prey of the wave.For goods having rates containing the last digit within 1 to 9, one has to accept 9 to 1 chocolates in replacement. The cost to consumer automatically increases in the process of chocolate replacement by coins. As an example, for a newspaper of Rs 6 the chocolates of Rs 4 comes to a pocket. There is no shortage of coins but this system is followed in hope of extra margin. Chocolate purchase cost may be 70 Paise (approx.) but it is given as a replacement of  Re 1. Surprisingly, in some places, biscuits of Rs 5 are given as returnable coins.

As a tragedy, a buyer has to accept chocolates in form of coins but a seller never accepts chocolates in form of coins.

The weight of coins in one’s pant or shirt pocket is unbearable to many.

The re-introduction of notes of Rs 1 or 2 may solve the problem to some extent.

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