Framing law or preparing reform plans never meet the success until own mentality is framed in a positive manner. The cause of failure of official orders of reforms is mainly non-attachment of public response to it. All social problems have 40% official and 69% public solution. Without sensitivity of social awareness, we are like WOOD HORSE, who can’t run. once pumped with social responsibility, he will run to achieve the goals of social reforms. Shedding tears to injustice, corruption, disorders are not good. Rather performance at own level may show exit ways to all these. Rules for betterment may be fear but thoughtful and right follow-up by all citizens dilute the fear. Self-changing can’t be forced whereas official changing be imposed.

We need to undergo self-assessment through the words of Jhon F. Kennedy   Not what country can do for me, but what I can do for my country. One can be given responsibility but he has to take the accountability. Govt. policies for society upliftment meets goals by accountability. An official declaration of welfare schemes may be Govt. part, but the best implementation is the personal part. Democracy is By The People, Of The People And For The People, then to blame Govt. for all ills is unjustified. The Govt plans never get the shape unless citizens pro-actively participate in the governance. We have to arise e-governance inside us to reap best results of e-governance in the day to day life.Deep attention to our global and local thinking increases the degree of self-awareness. No development activity is possible in an environment of disorder.

Somebody needs water, then shouts for it and a tap of water is opened. Similarly crying for a facility is a cowards job. it may better be obtained by individual bold actions. Even if the facility is provided, we should collectively do the best to retain it as long-lasting. In nutshell, it is the people whose chief role in social reform can not be denied.

Lessons of honesty and patriotism within everybody will change the attitude to fight for injustice. the corruption may be pushed out by honest personal roles. By doing good to society, we bag the individual benefit also.


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